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Hey There

Fatima Fregoso is a Colorado based artist whose work is heavily inspired by nature and its wonders. Their illustrative work depicts inclusive images of diverse characters and narratives. Representation is an important factor in their work because they didn't often see POC shown in media growing up. Being able to give others that opportunity is fundamental in their creating process. 

The name "bitter sundrop" has come from their love for limes and their bitter skins, as well as how they associate the taste with a hot summer day. They grew up in a small mountain town that has influenced their love for the outdoors. The forest is comforting for Fatima and is the biggest reason that they incorporate nature into their work.  

Their work is semi-realistic and stylized in a cartoon-esc way. The use of the cartoon style is used to bring out their inner child to remind them to have fun and enjoy the process of artwork. Fatima aspires to create stories for children and adult animations that keep the viewer laughing and comforted. 

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